Shooting Fundamentals/ New Shooter Course-

$100 or $140 with Ammo and Pistol Rental Included

90 Minute Private Course

To sign up, contact us for available times/days:

Are you new to firearms and a little intimidated or maybe you have your CCW and want some more training? Do you want to learn how a gun actually works, how to handle and shoot it safely, and do it in a welcoming environment? This  lesson is for first time shooters or those who just want to brush up of the fundamentals of shooting. No prior experience is needed. 

This  lesson covers:

-Aiming, grip, stance, trigger control, and follow through.

-How a gun operates.

-Explanation of different handguns and parts of a handgun.

-How to properly unload and check a pistol. 

*No refunds- we shoot rain, snow, or shine.