Basic Rifle

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Cost: $189.99

Prerequisite: No Prior Rifle Experience 

There is nothing basic about this course. Although this class serves as your entry into defensive training, this class will push you physically and mentally. The point of this class is to prepare you for defending yourself durin
g a violent encounter. The skills you learn in this class can make difference between life or death. Although this is a serious defensive course, we go to great lengths to adjust the curriculum and course of fire to meet your skill level.  

​This Course Covers:

  • Lecture conveying fundamentals about use of AR15
  • Geauga Firearms Academy Phase 4 Training Concept
  • Proper mechanics
  • In depth rifle fundamentals
  • Explanation of zeroing a rifle and proper distance
  • MOA
  • Proper Reloading procedure 
  • Iron sights vs optics

*(No refunds, we shoot rain, snow, or shine)