Private In Home/Office Ohio CCW                                    

Cost: (Varied)

At Geauga Firearms Academy, we understand that as a busy professional your time is critical. That's where our private CCW classes come in to play. We can come to your home or office anywhere in state of Ohio and provide an exciting and realistic educational course. It is imperative that you understand that the Ohio CCW criteria is an educational course only and is NOT a training course like other inferior companies want to portray. The one thing you can count on in a Geauga Firearms Academy course is straight forward and accurate content. We will never give an educational course disguised as training.

  • What is important is we cater to YOU. The course can be broken up to fit your schedule. For example, if you need the Ohio eight hour CCW course broken up into (four) two hour sessions at your home or office, we can accommodate you!
  • As a professional who carries concealed everyday, it is important to understand the compromises, advantages and disadvantages. It is also important you get honest REAL WORLD information about what it is like to carry everyday and the common situations you will ultimately encounter.