What is your most important defensive tool? It’s not your firearm, knife, or any other tangible weapon. It is your MINDSET! In a critical situation, it comes down to a proper mindset that determines if you and your family are going home safe or not. The best part is, mindset is the only tool that you can apply NOW and dramatically increase your odds of survival in a life or death situation. Mindset comes down to small but powerful changes in your behavior. Doing things for a specific purpose to put yourself in a position of advantage. However, no matter how aware you are, some tragic situations are unavoidable. In that situation, do you have the training and skills provide critical emergency aid when it matters most? This class is jammed packed with critical skills, including emergency medical training that could make the difference between life and death. From this course you will get a Stop the Bleed certificate. 

Who This Calls is for:

EVERYONE- Mindset applies to any age, gender, physical size, amount of training, or skill level. This class is for people who choose to carry a weapon or not.


What is Covered:

We begin by laying the foundation for creating habits. The goal is to be able to go about your everyday life with specific intentions that allows you to be prepared for any situation. You will walk away with confidence to be extremely aware of your environment and prepared without being paranoid. It then goes into an introduction into emergency medical training and includes a Stop the Bleed certificate.


Additional topics covered:

Psychological analysis of human behavior
Situational awareness
Dealing with high stress situations
Situational profiling
Mindset in emergency care of the sick and injured
Mental and physical health
Dealing with the effects of massive injury and death
Training, preparation, and planning
Reality vs. the classroom setting
Trauma kits vs. first aid kits
Environmental considerations
Priorities and decision making
Travel and vacationing


Defensive Mindset &  Trauma Care​ 

(Plus Stop the Bleed Cert) $100

Sunday, December 13