Defensive Holstering Class

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Cost: $69.99 ($129.99 Two Person Discount) *
Prerequisite: Current Ohio CHL (Concealed Handgun License)

Location: Rome, OH

​If you have your CCW (Ohio Concealed Handgun License), you realize that although you meet the Ohio standards to carry a concealed handgun, you know you need REAL training. The very first step in a real defensive training class (after mindset and mental training), is physically getting your weapon out when your life is on the line.  Not everyone is ready for a one/multiple day intense defensive training class, and that’s okay. Is the thought of coming to a full defensive class intimidating, even though you know you need more training? Then the holster class is for YOU! 

In this three hour class you will learn:

  • Deploying your weapon from concealment
  • How to draw you weapon in very close distance
  • Basics of weapon retention
  • Different holster systems
  • Various carry positions
  • Proper handgun selection

​*(No refunds, we train rain, snow or shine)

2 People Discount