Why us?

Geauga Firearms Academy

Geauga Firearms Academy believes all lawful citizens have the right to protect themselves. We also understand that the decision to own and carry a firearm is a huge responsibility. Our goal is to provide training to people with a wide range of skills, experiences, and backgrounds. 


Geauga Firearms Academy aims to create  a very comfortable experience welcoming to all shooters beginners to advanced.  We train year-round (dress accordingly). Our classroom can accommodate class sizes small to large. We are also mobile, and we are able to train anywhere in the nation provided an adequate number of student commitments. Classes are held at Ohio's premier outdoor range C4 in Madison, OH. 

​​Neil Nemetz
Head Instructor/Owner

From his many years of training, Neil knows that each client learns differently and the instruction needs to be tailored to each client for him or her to effectively learn within any discipline.

There is no replacement for real world experience. Neil is an active full time Law Enforcement Officer for a specialized Police Department that specifically deals with highest crime district in the state. 

​Neil has over 15 years experience in firearms training. He is currently an NRA Certified Instructor. He is  NRA Chief Range Safety Officer with experience in training Range Safety Officers and writing standard operating procedures for shooting ranges. 

Complementing his firearms experience, Neil actively trains and has over 13 years of martial arts experience. He has trained in reality based hand-to-hand combat, Gracie Combative Jiu-Jitsu, and executive protection training. 

​In addition, Neil has extensive gunsmithing experience building and customizing AR15s for application specific requirements. He has instructed several AR15 builder classes and is a Certified Smith and Wesson armorer.